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Social Media Optimization

Your patients are on social networks more than ever. Now, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are factors for your potential patients to make a decision about their healthcare providers. These patients are digitally connected and access information about doctors anytime anywhere and generally compare healthcare services through these open communication channels.

Social media presence has become an inevitable requirement of a healthcare provider to establish trust on the web with their established and potential patients. Many healthcare providers establish their relationship and continue to serve patients and build new patients for their practice in the competitive healthcare industry. This also works as good word of mouth for treatments and services that a practice offers.

Many healthcare professionals do not have time to manage their social media profiles and hence Tausch offers solutions for them. We build official and branded pages for your practice. We launch and maintain your blog, we develop contents and post your status updates.

We are a HIPAA compliant company and our employees are educated in the restrictions in communication related to patient information and privacy, and apply such laws and best practices to the digital marketing campaigns, including social media, which we perform on behalf of healthcare providers. Tausch promises a transparent and a complete solution for your social media reputation management.


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