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Account Receivables
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A/R and denial management solutions help you maximize reimbursements and minimize collection costs...

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Accounts Receivable & Denial Management Services

Time is money. The success of a healthcare organization is directly correlated to the efficiency and effectiveness of its accounts receivable and denial management processes. Using our decades of experience, we can significantly improve your company's cash flow, reduce accounts receivable days, and decrease unwarranted write-offs.

We analyze your accounts receivable portfolio to identify potential risks and opportunities for improvement. We can also streamline your accounts receivable processes, increase your collection rate, and help you recover lost revenue. With our help, you can unlock the full potential of your accounts receivable. We also provide advice on credit control and collection strategies, as well as offer credit management services.

Accounts Receivable Management

Financial stability and margins is directly affected by issues with A/R. It helps identify the adjudication status of a claim submitted and helps in understanding the claim reimbursement. A/R management is important after claim submission and crucial for financial stability. In the event of a denial, early notification will help correct the claim at the early stages and prevent it from becoming 'untimely' for appeals or corrections.

Within a short period of time, we will analyze your financials, ensure that errors are identified, and implement efficient processes for collecting payments and clearing backlogs of unresolved A/R.

Accounts Receivable Management Services

  • A/R follow-up across all payers
  • Old A/R cleanup projects
  • Managing underpayments
  • Managing denials
  • Resolving credit balances

Denial Management

There is an average claim denial rate of between 5% and 10% in the healthcare industry. Most providers regard these denied claims negatively impacting revenue and draining resources. This impacts significantly but many providers don't realize. There are up to 65% of denied claims that are not corrected or resubmitted, despite the fact that 63% of denied claims are recoverable. This money is lost. This loss of revenue can be detrimental to a provider's bottom line. Providers must invest in denials management processes to ensure that denied claims are not lost. In addition, denied claims cost providers time and money, as they require manual review and additional paperwork. Furthermore, denied claims can lead to negative patient satisfaction, as they often lead to delays in payments.

In order to increase payment recovery, we implement an effective denial prevention strategy and dedicate a dedicated denials team to help identify the root cause of denials, rework them, file appeals if necessary, and resubmit them.

Denial Management Services

  • Determining the root causes of denials and correcting them
  • Gathering additional information from payers and patients
  • Correcting claim information and preparing appeals
  • Resubmitting corrected claims through appropriate channel and Follow up

Approach to A/R & Denial Management Management

We can help you achieve a good resolution rate on high dollar accounts receivable with our systematic approach. Our approach includes

Analyzing EOBs and system notes in-depth before calls

Analyzing accounts receivable and generating ad-hoc reports and dashboards for denials

Allocation and prioritization of work based on claim age, claim value, payer category, etc.

An analysis of the reasons for denials as well as trends in denials

The collection process is handled professionally by a team of dedicated professionals

Reengineering as well as providing relevant solutions for healthy accounts receivable

A/R & Denial Management Benefits Benefits

We're committed to helping you optimize your accounts receivable and denial processes by tracking critical KPIs.

  • Reimbursements on time
  • Reduction in denial rate
  • Reduction in A/R days
  • Efficiency in operations
  • Maintaining a positive cash flow
  • Lower collection cost
  • Turnaround time is quick
  • Resources with skills and experience
  • Cost-effective
  • Reports tailored to your needs
  • We handle all payer claims
  • Up-to-date on ever changing industry regulations

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The flexibility offered by Tausch is unmatched. We can opt for end-to-end outsourcing or task-based services, which has allowed us to tailor their support to our specific needs. It's a true partnership.

Dr. Serge A


We've been partnering with Tausch Medical for over ten years, and their expert team consistently delivers exceptional results. Their cost-effective solutions and attention to detail have significantly improved our revenue cycle management.

Philip Weiler

Owner, Medical Billing Company

Tausch Medical's eligibility and benefits verification service has been a game-changer for our practice. Their thoroughness in verifying patient insurance details has significantly reduced claim denials and improved our revenue flow.

Dr. Mark S

Emergency Medicine

As a billing company, we rely on Tausch Medical's expertise in various billing software platforms. Their dedicated account managers have made our transition seamless and consistently provide valuable insights for improvement.

Craig Smith

CEO, Medical Billing Company

Billing and collection is excellent! Tausch Medical's commitment to compliance and data security is reassuring. They not only ensure HIPAA compliance but also stay updated with the latest industry practices and technology trends. Their support is reliable and available 24/7.

Peter S


Tausch Medical's commitment to accuracy is commendable. Their certified coders and billers have not only reduced our costs but also increased our claims accuracy, ensuring faster reimbursements.

Annie V MD


We rely on Tausch Medical for end-to-end revenue cycle management, including charge entry and payment posting. Their team's attention to detail and accuracy in these critical areas have resulted in a noticeable improvement in our financial health.

Juliana H