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Medical Billing Services

Healthcare providers lose significant revenue each year because of inadequate documentation, inaccurate coding, billing and collection errors, and not keeping up with industry changes. To maximize reimbursements, increase accuracy, and avoid audits over time, healthcare providers must optimize medical billing processes.

Tausch is a leading provider of medical billing services for medical providers and billing companies. We strive to provide the best-in-class medical billing services so we can increase revenue generation, improve efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

With our medical billing services, our clients are able to save up to 52% of overall expenses!

Transform Your Medical Billing With Tausch Medical

Choosing the right medical billing company means knowing the intricacies of reimbursement. A medical billing service involves a complex set of moving parts and requires expert technical skills, an excellent attention to detail, and extensive experience – all things we possess! We provide the best revenue cycle management practices in the healthcare industry through our people, processes, and spirit of innovation.

Our team confirms the patient's eligibility with their insurance provider. A clear understanding of insurance coverage and the patient's responsibility to pay is provided by verifying eligibility and obtaining prior authorization. In turn, this leads to cleaner claims, fewer denials, fewer write-offs, and higher collections for providers.
Verifying eligibility & obtaining prior authorization includes:
  • Checking all primary and secondary payers for coverage
  • Preauthorization requirements
  • Explanation of medical necessity and placing pre-authorization requests
  • Pre-authorization requests follow-up
  • Prior to an appointment, confirming approval or denial with the healthcare provider

When creating an insurance claim, entering correct patient demographics are crucial. Incorrect data entry leads to rejection and denials, and results in revenue losses.
Demographics & charge entry includes:
  • Capturing demographic details including patient, guarantor, primary and secondary insurance details
  • Capturing date and place of service, billing provider details, referring provider, admission date, prior authorization number, CPT/procedure
  • Date of service, CPT codes, diagnosis code, modifiers and number of units
  • Charges as per fee schedule
  • Provider tax id and payment address details etc.

Every EOB/ERA from an insurance company is carefully scrutinized and adjusted accordingly by our team. Besides posting payments, coinsurance, deductibles, and making insurance adjustments, our team also submits secondary claims and patient statements. Denials are referred to the denial management team for further action.
Payment posting includes:
  • Electronic payment posting ERA
  • Manual payment posing EOB
  • Patient payment posting Copay- check/cash
  • Denial/Rejection posting

As soon as a claim is submitted, a follow-up is essential because it identifies the claim status and helps determine the outcome. In the event of a denial, early notification helps to correct the claim at the initial stage and prevents it from becoming 'untimely' for appeals or resubmissions or corrections.
Accounts receivable management includes:
  • Follow-up with all payers on outstanding accounts receivable
  • Old A/R clean-up
  • Management of underpayments
  • Management of denials
  • Preparing appeals quickly
  • Detailed analysis of A/R resolutions and strategies

A significant portion of revenue is lost here because of denied claims, which requires additional attention. It is a critical part of the revenue cycle process. In order to manage denials effectively, we have a dedicated team that has years of experience identifying and correcting various types of denials. Providers receive periodic reports identifying common types of denials and how to avoid them in the future.
Denial management includes:
  • Identification of denied claims by reviewing EOBs/ERAs
  • Gathering additional information from insurance companies via phone or web
  • Correcting claim information and preparing appeals
  • Resubmitting corrected claims through appropriate channel and Follow up
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The flexibility offered by Tausch is unmatched. We can opt for end-to-end outsourcing or task-based services, which has allowed us to tailor their support to our specific needs. It's a true partnership.

Dr. Serge A


We've been partnering with Tausch Medical for over ten years, and their expert team consistently delivers exceptional results. Their cost-effective solutions and attention to detail have significantly improved our revenue cycle management.

Philip Weiler

Owner, Medical Billing Company

Tausch Medical's eligibility and benefits verification service has been a game-changer for our practice. Their thoroughness in verifying patient insurance details has significantly reduced claim denials and improved our revenue flow.

Dr. Mark S

Emergency Medicine

As a billing company, we rely on Tausch Medical's expertise in various billing software platforms. Their dedicated account managers have made our transition seamless and consistently provide valuable insights for improvement.

Craig Smith

CEO, Medical Billing Company

Billing and collection is excellent! Tausch Medical's commitment to compliance and data security is reassuring. They not only ensure HIPAA compliance but also stay updated with the latest industry practices and technology trends. Their support is reliable and available 24/7.

Peter S


Tausch Medical's commitment to accuracy is commendable. Their certified coders and billers have not only reduced our costs but also increased our claims accuracy, ensuring faster reimbursements.

Annie V MD


We rely on Tausch Medical for end-to-end revenue cycle management, including charge entry and payment posting. Their team's attention to detail and accuracy in these critical areas have resulted in a noticeable improvement in our financial health.

Juliana H